Bloodpit - Mental Circus

Bad Echo
In a Furnace
Bad-Ass Blues
For the Time being
For the Days of the End
Out to find you
One more Time
The Juvenile Hell
February Day's Draught

It’s rock that rules the North and especially Scandinavian bands find more and more attraction in Germany. Mister Matthau Mikojan, Paavo, Alarik Valamo and Aleksi Kermänen got aware of this as well and are now ready to jump on the rolling train that hopefully grants them the same success as in their home-country.
“Mental Circus” is the name for the debut-album by the four Finns of Bloodpit. And the title actually meets the contents. In 11 songs and about 43 minutes’ time they incorporate the coming together of rock, grunge as well as a little metal.

The opener “Bad Echo” directly shows the way. One moment the guitars stars rocking and shortly after a soft and yet strong voice starts singing, taking the listener slowly but surely to the chorus. With witty changes in tempo, the listener is prompted to listen closely and experience the mood of the song. The harmony in instruments and voice is mostly prominent in the third song “Platitude”. You don’t want to judge whether the guitars accompany the voice or the other way around. Both of it seems to be melded to a unity that will stay in one’s head for a long time.
All in all the record lives through catchy guitar riffs and rock sound. Of course the softer and acoustic side of the album is not forgotten. Mostly “February Day’s Draught”, the last song on the record, brings along a whole lot of melancholy before the listener is left alone with all the different impressions.

Even though one might get the impression that the record sounds monotone here or there, or despite the fact that another might not get along with quite mainstream-like songs such as “Out to find you” it’s definitely likely that the album is not easy to get out of your player again.

(c) LahjaDea / transl: Ilta-Seija  

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