Emilie Autumn

It was close to a unbelievable Wonder when the message of Emilie Autumn really showing up in in Frankfurt was spread around – but it was true.
Together with her Bloody Crumpet Miss Emilie Autumn made her “The Asylum”-show a few shows richer; one of them in Frankfurt.

The first worries that the chosen Venus “Nachtleben” could be too small truned out to be completely unnecessary when the audience was able to get in with a one hour delay. It was well attended, but not overcrowded; only the first three rows should be avoided when suffering claustrophobia.
Another hour of waiting later Matt Howden alias “Sieben” entered the stage as support act. While, during his first song, his truly extraordinary music-style created with the help of his loop pedal and violin, he impressed the audience, most of crowd was already annoyed during the second one. It might be somehow admirable to play one part of the song after and then echo it with the loop pedal in order to make it sound like a whole orchestra, not a single man playing, but this admiration is turned down quickly due to the monotonousness of his songs.
At ten o’clock in the evening the lights went out and, accompanied by the music of „4 o’clock“, Vecona followed by Little Lucina, Veronica Varlow and Aprella entered the stage. Miss Emilie Autumn herself honoured herself only after almost 1 min 15 of the song and stepped on the stage, clothed with something like a rat-costume. Already after the first song, the whole crowd broke into roaring applause.

The course of the concert was varied: between single songs [such as e.g. Liar, Opheliac, I want my innocence back etc.], Miss Emilie Autumn turned to chat with the audience with the audience or put on stage little “pieces of theatre” together with her Bloody Crumpets. During or in between the songs, they gave away little gifts like teabags, cookies, or hearts. Apart from that, people in the first row weren’t save from kisses by „Naughty Veronica“ who had lots of fun starting to kiss various people on demand, but also without being asked.
Concerning the stage show itself was breathtaking and very elaborate: a masterpiece. Even though the stage at “Nachtleben” is quite small, each song was individually staged, for example with application of decoration brought from one place to another by the Bloody Crumpets, scarves, fans, pistols etc.
The music, as it is, was brought in from a record, but main and background vocals were sung live. The lyrics were sung clearly, easily understandable and musically on the highest level, which is mainly notable regarding the fact that Miss Emilie Autumn was very active on stage an ran, jumped and raved on stage while she was singing.

Conclusion: A wonderfully, truly succeeded, high-class concert with involved musical-parts.
© Viivi Viikate / transl. Ilta-Seija


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