TREvolution 2oo8
[Essentia, T.A.P. & Renoise]

19.04.2008 Frankfurt

Mishaps, Missteps, Misfortune. Or, to say it in a friendlier tone: TREvolution 2008 at Elfer Club, Frankfurt.
TREvolution 2008 was the name of the tour the three Finnish bands Essentia, T.A.P. and Renoise, attempted to be done without label or record deal, and paid with their own money.
You can say that this is almost an admirable move – as admirable as the fact, how much a band can make a fool out of itself on stage.

With an almost one hour delay Essentia was the first band to hit the stage that night; at least the part of the band that was present. As Chris [bassist for Renoise and stand-in bassist for Essentia] had already told us before the concert, neither Chriss [usual bassist for Essentia], nor Sammy Black [guitarist for Essentia and Lovex] had made it to Germany and were substituted by someone else. Back to the review: in front of a huge amount of 10 people in the crowd apart from the TREvolution-crew, Essentia started the evening’s schedule. Completely unimpressed by the number of attendants [which might be traced back to the amount of alcohol each band-member has had], they turned in a show that struck everyone dumb – with horror. Single notes and whole passages were completely out of tune, Aapo (guitarist) lost his balance and suddenly lay on his back, Joonas (singer) jumped around the stage like a madman so that one had to be afraid to be knocked out by him as he winded the microphone-cable dangerously around his legs, and Chris’ bass often came loose from the bassist’s shoulder which had the bass turned off.

Personally, I felt a certain relief then their performance was finally finished; others, however, couldn’t even wait for the end and left the building during the show.
The next band was T.A.P., on stage in order to play for a crowd of 6 or seven people. And imagine: they almost reached the impossible: the audience began clapping along.

After that it was Renoise’s turn, and Renoise actually pulled of a good performance which wasn’t only rewarded with applause and whistling, but even with the wish for an encore – something bassist Chris was more than just surprised about which could be seen in his question whether we had lost our minds. He said the band didn’t have an encore on their setlist as the band hadn’t expected to play one… which after all did not keep them from playing one nevertheless.

Whoever was still disappointed by the show could find some joy in a few ‘personally embarrassing’, though spontaneous dancing, kissing, cuddling and accidents…

© Viivi Viikate / transl. Ilta-Seija

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