Flinch - 28.04.2008 

Out of Finland for the first time, in front of an ‘international’ (in case that’s what you want to name Germany) audience for the first time, Flinch passed their crucible in front of a not-regional crowd on April the 28th of this year.
The excitement that accompanied the fans’ wait for the five young Finns was noticeable – whoever had already had a closer look at Negative was almost forced to know about Jonne’s younger brother Ville Liimatainen, singer and frontman of Flinch.
With “F***, I don’t speak English!” the blonde singer greeted the german audience shyly, made everyone laugh and immediately radiated sympathy even before Flinch started their show with their pop-rock song “Huutaen”.

His older brother Jonne Aaron’s influence on sound was noticeable while listening to the songs that slightly reminded of the Negative style even though they still follow the spirit of the precedent record “Kuvastin”.
Flinch definitely stirred up the atmosphere and inflamed a spark that ensured them of being a worthy support for Negative.

Too bad that singer Ville didn’t sing a single ballad; however much you can describe “Taivas tähtiverhoineen” as one is left to everyone’s own interpretation.

However, with songs like “Irrallaan”, “Mee pois” and “1986” the band assured a good atmosphere and made the audience sweat; they were enthusiastically celebrated by the fans, so that it was easy to forget about drummer Oskari’s translations of Ville’s announcements and to simply enjoy the music. Especially since Ville had undergone an improvement concerning his singing voice.
Indeed, the concert made the audience want more of Flinch and had some people head to the merchandise-stall in order to buy the band’s record (Irralaan, release 09.04.08).
- And Berlin is definitely looking forward to welcome Flinch again once!

(c)Pink Bambi / transl. Ilta-Seija

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