Lovex – Divine Insanity

Directly accused of being a cheap copy of fellow Finns HIM, the young musicians of Lovex did not experience high expectations from outside.  

However, already the first single ‘Guardian Angel’ – a song that persuades with its catchy riffs and sing-along-tunes – proved everyone who thought badly wrong and actually made people hope for more.

And hopes weren’t in vain: the six Finn’s debut-record ‘Divine Insanity’ was already on its way.

Already the first listening proved the band’s very own style which is influenced by rock and emotions, so that the last one in doubt was finally left behind.

Vocals – Theon
Drums – Julian Drain
Keyboards – Christian
Guitar – Sammy Black
Bass – Jason
Guitar – Vivian Sin’Amor

As if under a spell, one puts the CD into the player and the first impressive guitar sounds of ‘Bullet for the pain’ - both opener and probably the rockiest piece on the record – immediately fill the air, and right after that the now common melody of Top25-single ‘Guardian Angel’ starts playing. The songs ‘Die a little more’ and ‘Bleeding’, as well as the second single ‚Anyone Anymore’ are similarly full of atmosphere and thus awake a will to finally see the band live on stage.

But whoever believes that the guys can only handle the loud tunes is on the wrong road:
songs like ‘Oh how the mighty fall’ or ‘Wounds’, being a little more quiet and a little more pop-rock allude to the softer side of the album, after all leading to an emotional climax in ballads such as ‘Remorse’ and ‘Yours’, during which vocalist Theon’s emotive voice brings every heart to melt.

And yet: the band’s motto “Rock’n’Roll is a drug and we’re the dealers” is not chosen in vain! Drums, bass, keyboard, guitars and a both soft and yet rock-ish voice make a perfect unity in songs like ‘Shout’, ‘Divine Insanity’ or Halfway, providing the listeners with melodies which are there to stay.

The lyrics can be adjusted to every time of life and one gets a bit out of each: love and hope paired with pain and despair.
Joining together the impressive sound of their songs and (not to be forgotten) the band-members’ outer appearance, you’ll get an interesting package that’s certainly able to introduce a bit more style to Germany’s music scene.

Bullet for the pain
Guardian angel
Oh how the mighty fall
Anyone, Anymore
Die a little more
Divine Insanity

 (c) LahjaDea / transl: Ilta-Seija

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