Matthau Mikojan EP
"Chasing Ghosts"

(published: 19th of Nov 2008)

 With the EP „Chasing Ghosts“, released on 19th of November 2008, Mister Matthau Mikojan shows mainly that he is not only chasing ghosts, furthermore he succeeds in catching attention.

Moreover by keeping an eye on the EP he serves us a small but effecting record and quickens the appetite as a foretaste for the most likely in March 2009 published LP named
Mania for life
and introduces us to the musical direction which the concept of the album will follow as well.

Chasing Ghosts, which titles the EP, presents itself as a quick, electronic pimped UpTempo-Number that leads to seesawing and headbanging.
It is apparently who has been the head behind Bloodpit and responsible for melodies and lyrics.
The EP follows the roots of the artists and sounds more like Bloodpit at beginning of 2007, that should not be mentioned as a negative thing here.

The „hard“ or abanduntly powerful guitar riffs complete the Matthau-sound and noteworthy are also the well inserted drum solos.

 Beside the strong sound of Chasing ghosts the artists crows with the song “Shine a light” which can also be considered more or less as a rockballad.

First listening needs getting used to it maybe.
But afterwards everybody will be touched by the catchy melody that as well sensed as sad but also dynamic finds a way into everyones head and stays there for longer.

The one who is brave enough and keeps an eye to the lyrics will notice how veritable the artist comes along as being really authentic.

 “What a day” is a reggae-orientated clown-song that arises a confused frown but later on it changes into an amused smile on the listeners face.
The song sets the spirits high for the reason that it is somehow that funny and dumb - it can be seen as ingenious after.

The choice of pieces reveal the multiplicity of the creator and make the audience beg for more.

Only one small stain he lifts up on his shoulders by adding “No hard feelings”, already released on Matthau Mikojan Album in March 2008,
to the disc as Number 4 on “Chasing Ghosts”, which has not clearly developed. Not a step back but even not forward after new mixing.
This title seems to be almost the same song and has a similar conditioning compared to the album version so there is nothing special to be surprised about.

Anyway now everyone should be excited and look forward to the next longplayer of the artist due to the suspicious songs which are presented on this record.

 (c) PinkBambi

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