Alleycats, Matthau Mikojan, Uniklubi
@ Klubi, Tampere


With Uniklubi and Matthau Mikojan two high potentials of the Finnish music business should give their best at the stage of Klubi.
However the show was firstly opened by an unknown band.

The Alleycats conquered the stage at sharp 6 p.m. and started with their rocking performance. At first glance one was believing to see a band full of children because hardly any of the guys Photobucketseems to be older than 16. Who was waiting for long bearded rockers, what all in all the name of the band excluded, had to do this vainly. As we had to learn this evening, a juvenescent appearance does not stand self-acting for gentle melodies or beginner tryings. Quite the contrary because they were really having a blast. With own songs and heaps of covers of world-famous rockbands they put the heat to the crowd and gave a good foretaste of what they had to expect else this evening.

The guys seemed to be well-rehearsed as if they hadn't been doing anything else all their lifes than being together on stage. And some of those more skilled bands that are actually playing at Klubis stage could adopt of the Alleycats's show which are presenting themselves on stage like their idols from the 80's.
But not only their show was striking but also from the musical point of view they got it. Singer Andy bawls the songs in perfect rocking style but primarily the drummer - not even bigger than his drumset - performed a beat with his drum sticks, that animated to join in.

About 35 minutes they dominated the stage until they had to vacate it for the second act of this night: Matthau Mikojan. This appeared together with drummer Simo and bass player Teemu at 19 o'clock to continue this rocking evening in front of a now well-filled Klubi.
With songs of their current album "Mania For Life" - like "Elegantly Wasted", "Hearsay Factory" or mainly the highlight of each of their shows and definitely their most popular song "Gypsy Eye" - they offered a souvereign and atmospheric show, that they underlined by songs of their first album "Matthau Mikojan". They presented for example the two single releases "Stiletto Heels" and "Too Fortunate To Cry" which like always were celebrate by the audience with enthusiams.Photobucket
As icing on the cake there were, like we are yet used to, the Bloodpit-blasts "Wise men don't cry" and "Born a whore".
A thoroughly mixed set-list with plenty of mood and feeling what the audience returned with joy to the band.

Typically for Matthau Mikojan concerts at Klubi seem to be the snivelling technical problems. Whether it is the guitar cable which turned of the gituars power at the "Shine a Light"-solo or the microphone that had short dropouts. This time it hit especially drummer Simo who had more than once some problems with the drums. But as usual the guys went over it in a skilful way with a few funny sayings and continued with their program.

Although Matthaus songs go down well at any gig, curiosity about new material on which they, according to their own statement, are working busy, is growing after countless concerts this year with almost always the same set-list.

After a good hour playing time the trio passed with a bow.
Now it was time for the last of the three acts of this night. Uniklubi took the stage and...
I would like to say that they performed their songs but the only sound that were heard after their intro did not come from the bands instruments but from the audience. At least from that part of the audience which stood in the All-Ages-Area and supported the previous bands with jumping around and singing along. But now they seemed to be, like the phrase goes, as if stung by an adder. A screaming which hurt the ears, came out of the throats of the young girls.
But now you can finally understand why Uniklubi has got such a huge bass presence in their songs. There seems to be no other way to drown it.

However, now we should concentrate on the show of the guys. This was certainly no the worst but in my opinion by far not the best. If you examine the show more carefully there were a lot of changes within the last years. The guys, especially vocalist Jussi Selo seemed to be more confident, which is certainly a great advantage, but you can see a lack of interaction. The fun Photobuckettogether and the communication among each other dimished. A real pitty, because they often didn't act like a unit, rather like rivalry.
The setlist was motley, a little of everything they had to offer. Whether there were songs from their latest album "Syvään valoon" (e.g.: "Polje" ) or works from their beginning (e.g. "Huomenna" ). They presented even two new songs to the audience who eagerly soaked up everything, every movement and every sound the boys made and celebrated them like a won football game.

Back to the skills of the guys there is not much to say. They master their instruments and play them with tremendous energy. The only thing to criticize is Jussi Selo's voice because it had more than merely one dropout. If it was because of the currently circulation wave of flue, one should hope so because some sounds slightly hurt the ear.

They played until Klubi closed, means something like more than an hour.
The conclusion of the evening: Every fanbase got one's money's worth, but the real suprise and the highlight were the unknown boys of The Alleycats.

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